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Sell Cone Mug 12 Oz

Specification of Cone Mug 12 Oz

Mug "V" -12 Oz 

  •   Mug Great Shape At The Top And Tapers Down. 
  •   Mug 10 Cm High. 
  •   Cone Mug 12 Oz Or 12 Oz Mug V. 
  •   The Diameter Of The Ring On 8, 7Cm. 
  •   Circumference Diameter Below 5, 6 Cm. 
  •   With A Mug Like Stalks Form A Half-Hearted Image. 
  •   Price Rp.15.500 / Pc For Order Quantity 1,000 Pcs. Prices Include The Cost Of Printing The Logo Up To Three Colors. Packaging Boxes Duplex Unit + Rp.1.000 / Pc

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