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CV. Alimar Sejahtera (Tulip Keramik) (Jawa Barat, Indonesia)

CV. Alimar Sejahtera or better known as Tulip Ceramics.
Is a company engaged in Household Ceramic products accompanied by its Logo Printing, with the main products being: Glass / Glass, Ceramic Mugs, Ceramic Mugs, Cigarette Ashtrays, Ashtray, Tea Pot, Teapot, Tea Set, Coffe Set, Plate, Plate, Bowl, Bowl , Bowl, Cup, Cup, Tatak, Saucer, Pisin and other ceramic products.

With a variety of models and sizes for the purpose of promotional media or souvenirs accompanied by a company logo that is permanently printed with a decal transfer paper system and through a combustion process up to a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius so that the mold is permanently attached to the ceramic surface, the screen printing or print will not fade , erased or scratched, though even with a sharp object.

For a certain amount you can order a special form of mug that you like with your own model accompanied by a special image in the form of a company logo, photo, name or maybe only unique sentences for the purposes of Promotion, Souvenir, Birthday Gift, Wedding, Plaque, Parcel Or Also For Utilities Tableware In Your Cafe / Restaurant By Highlighting Your Company Identity.

You are interested, you can contact us at:
WA: 0818 821 291, 0815 1701 3740
Tel: 0818 821 291 - 0815 1701 3740
Email: tulip_ crk @ yahoo.com. - alimarsejahtera @ yahoo.com - tulipkeramik@gmail.com

Interested in our products, you can come and see examples of products we have made.

Our Workshop at: Puri Nirwana 1 Jln Prambanan 10. Blok Jj.16 Pabuaran, Cibinong, Bogor. 16916.
Or send your data and messages to our email at: tulip_ crk @ yahoo.com, or tulipkeramik @ gmail.com or alimarsejahtera @ yahoo.com and we will respond immediately.
We await your cooperation from all of you.


Perum Puri Nirwana 1 Jl. Prambanan 10 Blok JJ no.16. Pabuaran. Cibinong. Bogor Bogor 16916
Jawa Barat , Indonesia



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